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 Your favorite bakery and

coffee house! 

Are you really hungry? Modelos have a delicious food!
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Start your day with the best breakfast.

Lunch and dinner

Always fresh ingredients cooked to order.

Specialty brazilian recipes

warmup yourself.


Our Story Begins in Brazil...

Modelo's Market Cafe is owned and  operated by the DeSouza family.  The De Souza's immigrated to the U.S. from Brazil in 1988 in search of better opportunities and a better life.  


They arrived in Somerville and have remained residents of this city ever since.  

The DeSouza's have developed a strong sense of community in Somerville where they treasure the friendly atmosphere and ethnic diversity.  It is right outside the big city, yet maintains that small town feel.  


This is the home they have grown to know and love, and the place where they have raised their family.
The DeSouza's continue to give back and serve this community through their small businesses.  With 26 years of experience in supermarket and coffee shop management, Joe De Souza knows how to meet the needs of today's customers.


He strives to create a grocery store that stocks all the fresh, high quality products that households need with the convenience of a local corner market.  
Conveniently located, Modelo's Market Cafe has everything you need  without the lines and high prices of the large chain stores. Come in and experience the personalized service for yourself!


"To be really happy, start your day with our delicious breakfast"

Modelo's Market Cafe.

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